Sunday Long Run

23 Oct
Foggy Morning on the C&O

Chilly start to this morning’s run, with fog rolling over the Potomac.   This first view is from the C & O Canal, right off the Key Bridge.

We ran along M Street, too.  I avoid Georgetown at all costs during the day, but early mornings (without the crowds) are fantastic for quick window shopping.  I ran by this blue box last weekend and again today.  Love it…but can only imagine the cost. 

Blue box I'm coveting from G'town gallery

I missed running over the Memorial Bridge this morning (we went out and back on the Key).  It definitely offers the most impressive views, from either direction: Lincoln Memorial and the Friedlander “Arts of War” sculptures as you’re running in, and Arlington National Cemetery and the Lee House as you’re running back out.  

Arts of War Sculpture, near the Memorial Bridge

Back in Arlington, after 6.2 miles. Please note that, despite the early start, I've managed to color coordinate my outfit.


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