Fitbit Review

16 Apr

I try to work out every day, but I always find myself wondering if I’m doing enough (especially at work) to stay active.   In the past, I’ve used pedometers to track my footsteps, but have had concerns about accuracy and limitations with tracking true activity.

The good news is that technology is finally catching up.  If you’ve “had it”  with guessing about daily sleep and activity levels there are several options (sort of) available to help.  These include:

After several weeks of research (and a conscious decision to not participate in an overly engineered limited-release “frenzy”), I finally decided to go with the Fitbit.   And I LOVE it!

I’ve had my $99 Fitbit for nearly a month, so I think I have a good handle on what works and what needs a bit of tweaking.  Here’s my take:


  • Very easy to use!  I was up and running with my Fitbit within minutes
  • Adorably small and well designed
  • Accurate step counter.  I’ve tested this multiple times…it’s not perfect, but definitely closer than any pedometer I’ve ever owned
  • Tracks stairs, too!
  • When worn on the wrist at night, tracks sleep (i.e., number of times awake)
  • Holds a charge for days
  • Web/Android/iPhone application interface that’s easy to navigate and understand

Not So Good

  • Discreet.  I know this is supposed to be a positive, but sometimes I forget I’m wearing it…I like the visual reminder to kick up my activity level, so I’ve started wearing my Fitbit on my collar/lapel.
  • Lack of prompts.  I wish the Fitbit could be programmed to provide a beep (or similar tone) when activity levels are low.  Sometimes I need a reminder to get up and about…especially at work.
  • Goal setting.  Ideally, the app would let you translate steps to weight loss goals.  I think this could be an easy fix, as the app already allows the user to track food and exercise.   It would be nice to know that an extra 5 or 10 thousand steps each day over the course of a week could equal pounds loss. 

The good obviously far outweighs the bad…so if you’re looking for a neat tool to help track activity, I highly recommend Fitbit.  I wear mine religiously and have already noticed major changes in my movement levels during the day.  It’s fun to set goals and make efforts to surpass those goals each day.  Plus, Fitbit looks cute hanging out on a pocket or collar!  Happy Running!


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