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Cherry Blossom Long Run

23 Mar

It’s Cherry Blossom season in Washington, D.C. (though the blooms are not yet at peak), and the city is packed with visitors from throughout the world.  I love the beauty of the cherry blossoms in (almost) bloom…and actually LOVE seeing the tourists exploring the city and appreciating our nation’s beautiful capital city.

Today I ran from my house in Arlington, over the Teddy Roosevelt Bridge, around the Mall and through Capitol Hill to Eastern Market.  Along the way, I stopped at the Lincoln Memorial to snap a picture of the crowds.


D.C. is a unique destination because the majority of the attractions (the Monuments, White House, Smithsonian, Capitol, Zoo, etc.) are free to the public.  Sure, it takes a few extra minutes to navigate the hoards, but it’s nice to see people enjoying what our country has to offer.

Today’s run was 8 miles, ending in an impromptu shopping trip at the ever-expanding Eastern Market– tons of great artisans and farmers offering their wares.

Happy Running!


Sunday Long Run in D.C.

10 Mar

Today was, by far, the prettiest day of the year…and with bright sunshine/temperatures in the 60’s, it was a perfect day for a long run.


Turns out that everyone in D.C. had the same idea!  The trails and parks were packed: tons of runners and cyclists outside enjoying the weather after last week’s “snowquester” (really just a couple of inches of government-closing slush).

I ran from my home in North Arlington, down the Custis Trail, across the Key Bridge through Georgetown, along the Potomac to Hain’s Point.  A perfect 6 mile (mostly flat) run.


The Georgetown Waterfront Park is one of my favorite summer mid-point running stops…and even though the splash fountain is off for the season, I stopped at the park along the way.  Glad I did!  It’s wonderful seeing so many people ( tons of families) outside enjoying this recently upgraded National Park.  If you’re in the area and looking for a relaxing destination, you have to check this place out…and don’t forget to make a post-run stop at the Hershey’s Ice Cream Parlor right across the street.  Happy Running!