Last Long Run of 2014

31 Dec

2014 is coming to a close. For me, it’s been a year with happy moments…but with far more loss and sadness than I expected or even thought I could handle. This summer was especially tough, and I credit my faith and wonderful family for getting me through some very difficult times.

A dear friend told me recently that she’s thankful for life’s challenges, because they are instructive; they help her learn, grow, and become a better person. I hope to one day be as accepting of hardships…but for now, I can only focus on the positive: more time with family, a return to cycling, a renewed focus on running and health, daily commutes to work on my new road bike (an accepting husband who didn’t bat an eye at the cost), hiking part of the Appalachian Trail with great friends, and epic walks through NYC with my little starstruck kids (nearly 20 miles in two days).

I’ve decided to tackle a trail half marathon in March of 2015 (the Northface Endurance Challenge), so I’m working on getting mileage up now. After all, who knows if the winter weather will cooperate with my training schedule?

So for my last long run of 2014, I set off from Arlington on the Custis Trail, then hooked onto the Mount Vernon Trail alongside the Potomac River. After running across the 395 bridge, I took a right past the Jefferson Memorial and landed at DC’s Maine Avenue Fish Market. Just over 6 miles in an hour…I was pretty happy with my pace.

As a special treat for my family (including in-laws visiting from out of state), I picked up several pounds of crab legs from the famous Jessie’s.

Not willing to run another 6 miles home with boxes of frozen seafood on my back, I made a quick call to my husband and arranged a ride back.

I had worked up an appetite… so maybe I over-bought, but our crab feast was delicious (I highly recommend Jessie’s Seafood) and we didn’t have a single leg left over! A wonderful run and a wonderful new family holiday tradition.

I wish all of you a happy, healthy, and safe 2015. May you land gently in the new year!
Happy running!



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