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Blizzards in November

27 Nov

Perfect 65 degree weather in the D.C. area today.  I can’t remember a nicer, more seasonable holiday weekend.  I got a late start to the morning, but ended up running almost 5 miles into the Shirlington neighborhood of Arlington….where I met up with this little guy:

Barney, my sister’s adorable little English Labrador puppy. 

After cranking out another 1.5 miles with baby Barney, my sister and I met up with the rest of the family for a rare treat:  Dairy Queen blizzards.   I love that they’ve introduced a new (read: more calorie conscious) “mini” size.   If I read the microscopic nutritional information correctly, my chocolate + Reese’s cup version weighs in at under 200 calories.   Sure, there are tons of healthful snack options out there…but after a nearly 7 mile run, don’t even try to talk me out of ice cream.


SOME Turkey Trot!

24 Nov

The results are in for today’s fantastic SOME Turkey Trot.  Click here to see how you did (courtesy Washington Running Report).

This year’s new location at D.C.’s Freedom Plaza was a real winner.   Even with the park  shared by the Occupy DC protesters (undoubtedly happy for the influx of clean portapotties and bottled water), there was ample parking and tons of pre/post race hang-out space.  

This race has always been a local favorite of mine, but this year was especially important because my entire family participated.   My husband, the 4-year-old twins, and our 7-year-old daughter were all out there with me this morning….and we had a BLAST.   The kids are already asking about the next race…and this makes me smile.  So much to be thankful for!


22 Nov

Love swag!  Forgot to post a shot of my new team shirt, courtesy Pacers.  Want one?  Come run with the Pacers Distance Training Program.   Super support, dedicated coaching, and fun organized runs several times a week.  I’ve been running with this group for two years now, loving every minute of it!

7.5 Miler

20 Nov

Perfect running weather today!   We started out at the Iwo Jima Memorial and headed out over the Key Bridge.  A bit overcast, but still beautiful. 


View from the Key Bridge at the beginning of our run.

Running through Georgetown early in the morning is always nice, as you avoid the crowds, but can still conduct some quick window shopping.    And apparently, Christmas has arrived early in D.C.


Christmas decor outside Clyde’s of Georgetown (home of a fantastic brownie sundae).

We ran up Wisconsin and down Reservoir Road.   It’s my old neighborhood, home to Georgetown University Hospital (all 3 of my kids were born there).  Had to laugh a bit at what appeared to be some remaining Halloween decorations…or political statement (??). 


Is this Halloween decor or a political statement?

Running down Canal Road, I couldn’t help but notice dozens of trashed GU and gel packs littering the sidewalk.  Seriously guys, these things are not biodegradable…what makes you think you can just trash the neighborhood?   Just a thought:  maybe GU or CLIFF could develop a more environmentally friendly version…



Lastly, here’s a quick review of my new Patagonia Better Sweater Beanie:  loved the look and felt that it provided great warmth.  Only issue is that even the size LARGE didn’t fully cover my ears.   It’s great for cooler autumn days, but may not work during the cold winter months.  


Running through G’town in my new Patagonia hat.


Sunday Long Run

19 Nov

Excited for my long run tomorrow with the Pacers Distance Running Team.  We’re doing 7 miles, following this course from the Iwo Jima Memorial, over the Key Bridge, through Georgetown, then back into VA and down the Mount Vernon Trail. 

With temperatures in the low 40’s tomorrow morning, I plan on wearing (and reviewing) my new Patagonia Better Sweater cap.  I generally use headbands to keep my ears warm on runs, but am definitely looking forward to trying something new!

Potomac Overlook

18 Nov

One of the area’s best kept secrets is Potomac Overlook Park, just one of the many regional parks managed by Northern VA Regional Park Authority.  I took advantage of the last bit of daylight this afternoon to squeeze out a couple of miles (2.54, to be exact).   Gorgeous weather and serene settings….I’m kicking myself for forgetting my camera (but it’s a good excuse to get back there soon).   

Back to the park:  it’s not huge…but there’s something for everyone: several miles of trails, a small animal sanctuary featuring birds and reptiles, a learning center, community garden, playground, and tennis courts. 

If you plan your trail run for a Sunday, be sure to check out the park’s afternoon workshops.  You’ll learn about everything from electric cars to reptiles, courtesy a team of well-trained and super enthusiastic staff members.    Fantastic exercise and fun for the entire family!  

See you there!

Running +1

15 Nov

I love running with a partner or team.  It’s super source of motivation (especially on those early, pre-dawn runs) and a great way to squeeze socializing into a busy schedule.  

On those frequent occasions when a running partner of the human variety is not available, our Jack Russell-Bichon- Dacshund-mix, Winnie, accompanies me on jogs.

Winnie came to us three years ago, when my boss’s daughters’ dogs decided to fall in love and have puppies.   We got pick of the litter…and the price (free) for a fantastic, adorable little pup was perfect. 

Winnie Ratamore, as a young pup

As luck would have it, Winnie has the sweet temperament of a Bichon and the energy/stamina of a Jack Russell.  She routinely manages 2-2.5 mile runs, charging ahead of me the entire time. 

Tonight, we did exactly 2 miles in just over 20 minutes (nature calls for Ms. Winnie, hence the slower time). 

Like a speeding bullet. Look at that dog go!

I Run for Fro-yo

10 Nov

Still a bit sore from last night’s track workout, and with the rain/cold I almost passed on running this evening.   Want a know a great motivator?  Pinkberry.  So here’s what I did:

  • Fast 1.5 mile run to Pinkberry in Clarendon.
  • Small chocolate yogurt with peanut butter crunch, scarfed down quickly.
  • Slightly slower 1.5 mile run back home. 

Did I mention it was raining?  I am totally addicted to this fro-yo.

Math for Running Parents

5 Nov

If you consider:

=amount of babysitting time on the clock

y=number of miles we want to run

z=amount of time needed to sit and enjoy dinner

Then coming up with a solution set of potential destinations should be easy, no?

Someone, somewhere out there could probably plot our decision-making process on a map.   In simpler terms our concept was: Run for an hour, eat/drink for an hour, cab it back home to relieve the babysitter.   

We looked at destinations between 5-6 miles away, and settled on Sine Irish Pub in Pentagon City.  The chilly weather made for a terrific run, through Clarendon, down Columbia Pike (which is looking pretty darn good these days), around the Air Force Memorial, and into Pentagon City. 

Air Force Memorial

Our reward for a fast run into Pentagon City. Yes, I realize that I shouldn’t be drinking a Corona at an Irish pub.

Rabbit Run!

4 Nov

I know many out there believe in running over lunch.  I’m fond of running to lunch.  

Today I did just over 3 miles, ending up at the new Rabbit Salad and Grill in the Clarendon section of Arlington, VA.   Had the steak and potato salad (I swear, it was a lot healthier than it sounds…tons of spinach) and devil’s food cupcake (ok, not so healthy).  Both were fantastic.  The made-to-order salad was oversized, fresh, and flavorful, and the cupcake was so decadent I had to leave a bite behind.  

An added perk for the running crowd…complimentary cucumber-flavored water.  Super refreshing and a great touch.  I’m already looking forward to my next visit!