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SOME Turkey Trot!

22 Nov


Our team, the Rupert Rascals, came in 9th place for fundraising! Over 10k participants raised $400,000! Thanks to everyone who supported our team. We had a wonderful time!


Support the SOME Turkey Trot with the Rupert Rascals!

21 Nov

Thanksgiving is here and we’re once again running in the So Others Might Eat (SOME) Turkey Trot!  Here’s a shot of the family at last year’s race:


This year, we decided to form a fundraising team: the Rupert Rascals, to support the work of this amazing organization.  For those of you who are not familiar with SOME, please take a moment to read about the charity here.  This important group does wonderful things in Washington, D.C.: feeding, clothing, educating, and providing medical/dental care to some of our poorest neighbors.

The Rupert Rascals team has been raising money for over a month and I am happy to report that we have nearly $1300!  At last check, this is enough to put us in the TOP TEN fundraising teams!  We are thrilled to be able to support SOME, and the kids love to see the Rupert name on the fundraising marquis.  The competition ends tomorrow, so please  if you have few dollars to spare consider donating to SOME here.  The Rupert Rascals thank you!

Side note:  This is a blog about running, but I have to say:  SOME is one of my favorite local charities, and their annual Turkey Trot is just an example of the great community activities/fundraisers they sponsor.  Here’s a picture of my dad and younger daughter at the SOME Empty Bowls event.  Mark your calendars for 2013!


Running with the family!

6 Nov


We had a great time at the Acumen Race for a Cause. All of us are looking forward to our next family race: the SOME Turkey Trot 5k. Hope to see you out there!

Marathon Photo Fail

4 Nov

Last week, in the midst of waiting for my Marine Corps Marathon photos, I stumbled upon this article from the New York Times.  It’s a “must read” for any runner who’s ever experienced the horror of a post-race photo montage. Plus, it actually has some great tips for taking good shots, courtesy Run Like a Mother co-author, Dimity McDowell Davis.

Maybe I have a healthier-than-average self-image, but when I’m racing I feel like I’m tackling each mile like a pro.  I guess that’s why seeing a picture like this is such a blow to the ego:


In fairness, the photographer caught me with a mouth full of chewing gum (my marathon secret)…but still: yikes!

Apparently, I’m not the only one dealing with terrible action shots.  There are whole threads on running and triathlon websites dedicated to capturing the “worst of the worst” racing pictures.  Some of them are really hysterical.

After sorting through several dozen completely awful pictures, I finally found one that was semi-decent.  Now, all I have to do is crop out the photobomber in the bottom of the frame.