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Easy Runs for Now

30 Jan

First things first:  I haven’t posted in a while, and there’s a reason.  Don’t want to bore you with the details, so here’s the short version:  During a routine physical a couple weeks ago, my doctor discovered a tumor in my abdomen (fruit size equivalent = large plum).  I hadn’t been feeling like myself over the past 6 months (take-away lesson: listen to your body!!), so I’m relieved to finally understand my symptoms.

The good new is, the doctor feels strongly that the tumor is benign.  The reality is (I refuse to use  the term bad news in light of my overall positive prognosis), surgery to remove the sucker is going to put me out of commission for a while.    This means I’ll be a spectator for the Rock n’ Roll Half, GW Parkway Classic 10 Miler, and Love the Run You’re With 5k

I’m still processing a lot of information related to this diagnosis, but I feel amazingly blessed to have options and am very encouraged by my doctor’s confidence in a successful outcome.  So, even though I’ve been told to “take it easy” in the weeks leading up to surgery (“easy” is a relative term, right?), I’ve been managing to get good, mentally therapeutic, runs in. 

Today I did just over 5 miles, starting from the Iwo Jima Memorial, down Mt. Vernon Trail, across the 14th Street Bridge, down by the Tidal Basin, and back over Memorial Bridge.  Easy, flat, and very scenic.  If you’re looking for a great run, click here for my exact route.

It was an absolutely beautiful day and I was so excited to see this huge red-tail hawk on the trail near Arlington Cemetery.  I’m usually not quick enough to snap these birds (still kicking myself for not being able to photograph that bald eagle a few weeks ago near Mt. Vernon), but this one was very cooperative.  Just wish I was a better photographer…


Run to the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

15 Jan

Gorgeous day for a run!  To commemorate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., I decided to run to the new memorial honoring him, located just off the National Mall on Independence Ave., in Washington, D.C.   

My photo of the Dr. King statue at the MLK Memorial

I mapped out a nearly 7 mile course, starting/ending at the Marine Corps War Memorial (aka Iwo Jima Memorial) in the Rosslyn section of Arlington, VA.   The run took me down the Mt. Vernon Trail, over the 14th Street Bridge, and around the Tidal Basin.   The view from the FDR Memorial shows the crowds.

Parking looked like it was nearly impossible around site, so if you’re not up to running my course, I’d suggest metro-ing to the Arlington Cemetery Metro Station and walking across Memorial Bridge. 

If you can’t make it in to Washington, D.C. for a run, but would like to learn more about the memorial,  you can find the official webpage here.

A word of caution for runners:  The trail around the Tidal Basin was very icy this morning, so if you do head out to visit the MLK Memorial, take care as you run near the  water. 

Sunday Runs

8 Jan

Sunday is normally my long run day, but between church, Sunday school, cooking (homemade HOT salsa and feta spread) and major house cleaning, I just couldn’t find the hours needed to do a high-mileage jaunt.   Thankfully, I’ve become an expert at fitting in exercise whenever possible (you may have seen my multiple posts about running to and from dinner/lunch).  

Today I completed two short (2-mile) runs.   Winnie, my standby running partner,  joined me on my first jog. 

Winnie, chilling out after her run.

For the second run a couple hours later, I donned a cute Lucy running skirt and sped off to join my family at church.   Thank goodness for “dressy” running gear and casual afternoon Mass.   I fit right in. 

Awesome Lucy running skirt!


Happy New Year & Rock ‘n’ Roll Coupon Code!

4 Jan

Just got back from the first track workout of the new year.  It’s a brisk 32 degrees outside, so I did a quick 5k and headed back home to warm up.  

I am currently training for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in D.C. on March 17, 2012.   By my calculations, the race  is just about 2.5 months away, so despite the cold weather and lack of daylight hours, I have to start seriously adding miles soon.  

If anyone else is interested in running this race, register now!  I’ve been hearing rumors of a sellout, so don’t waste time.  Until January 5th, use the coupon code RESOLVE to receive an additional $15 off your registration fee!

As a postscript, I was absolutely amazed at the number of other runners out there tonight, especially given the freezing temperatures.   I know some of them may be New Year’s resolution-related, so here’s to wishing these new runners the best of luck!  I hope the habit sticks!