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Cheering on the Marine Corps Marathoners

30 Oct

Saturday was a rare (and highly anticipated) night out on the town.  Mike and I stayed at the Marriot Wardman Park (pricelined for 80 bucks!!) while Grandma watched the rugrats.  After an easy workout at the Wardman Fitness Club and a great dinner at Lebanese Taverna (one of my favorite local eateries…go and try the hummus sampler), we turned in early to be ready to catch the Marine Corps Marathon on Sunday Morning.   

Our home base, Marriot Wardman Park in Woodley

Here’s the view of our hotel as we ran to watch the marathoners.  Glad the weather improved from Saturday’s snow, ice, and 30 degrees temps. 
Things I forgot to pack for the run: headphones, sunglasses, earwarmers.  Things Mike forgot: long pants (he swears he’ll never do spandex.  You’re welcome).

Running Across the Connecticut Ave. Bridge

Our running plans were almost derailed as we ran by a half dozen brunch destinations in Woodley.  Nothing like the smell of Belgian waffles.  We don’t spend a lot of time in this area of D.C., but I love it.   Next time we run here, we’re eating at Open City…the line was around the block, so it’s got to be good, right? 

Woodley Park in D.C.

We made it through Dupont and down to the Washington Monument in time to catch the Marine Corps Marathon 3:25 pace group and cheer on teammates from the Pacers Distance Running Program.   So impressed with all the runners who looked strong out there…especially in light of the wild weather we’re having.    And equally impressed with the creativity in Halloween costuming.  Highlights include:  Mrs. Claus, Lt. Dangle from Reno 911, and some crazy young guy running in a full 3-piece business suit.   Sorry…couldn’t get pictures, too busy laughing. 

Marine Corps Marathon!

 Our run (about 5 miles) pales in comparison with the 26.2 that others ran, but I think we’re sufficiently inspired for MCM 37 in October 2012.  
Here’s a shot of me after last year’s MCM.   At the time, I swore it would be my first/last marathon.   Of course, that feeling didn’t last and I’m already anticipating running the 26.2 with Mike next year. 

MCM 35 Finish

Congrats to all my fellow Pacers Distance Running Teammates who cranked out some amazing times today!   If you’re interested in results, check out: 

Sunday Long Run

23 Oct
Foggy Morning on the C&O

Chilly start to this morning’s run, with fog rolling over the Potomac.   This first view is from the C & O Canal, right off the Key Bridge.

We ran along M Street, too.  I avoid Georgetown at all costs during the day, but early mornings (without the crowds) are fantastic for quick window shopping.  I ran by this blue box last weekend and again today.  Love it…but can only imagine the cost. 

Blue box I'm coveting from G'town gallery

I missed running over the Memorial Bridge this morning (we went out and back on the Key).  It definitely offers the most impressive views, from either direction: Lincoln Memorial and the Friedlander “Arts of War” sculptures as you’re running in, and Arlington National Cemetery and the Lee House as you’re running back out.  

Arts of War Sculpture, near the Memorial Bridge

Back in Arlington, after 6.2 miles. Please note that, despite the early start, I've managed to color coordinate my outfit.

Alert-C&O Stairs Out!

23 Oct

Stairs are out on the C&O Canal trail.  We didn’t let that stop us.  Here’s Mike ignoring the caution tape.  I did the same thing, only looked far more graceful at it. 


0630 start time or a second margarita…?

23 Oct

I have a love/hate relationship with long morning runs.   On one hand, it’s great to be out there watching the sun rise over deserted neighborhoods, with the streets and trails to yourself.   On the other hand, I hate having to call it quits at 9pm on Saturday night…especially on those rare occasions (tonight being one) where the mother-in-law is in town to watch the kids.  

On the plus side, the mother-in-law being in town also means that Mike gets (i.e., is dragged)  to run along with me.   Here’s our course for the morning:

Now to finish my first (and last) margarita.

Rock ‘n Roll Marathon Comes to D.C.!

21 Oct

Friends of mine rave about the Rock ‘n Roll series.  Nothing like great music to keep you going on long runs.   Now, for the first time ever, the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon and Half is coming to D.C.  The date is March 12, 2012.   If you register by the end of October, you get in at $80 (half) and $95 (full).  Not bad for race+swag+entertainment.   Now, just trying to decide what challenge I’m up for…

Compression running capris that I love!

18 Oct

I ran my first marathon in these great capris.  They provide excellent compression without being uncomfortable.  The hidden pocket is a nice touch, too.  Can’t beat the price, so get them before they’re gone!

SOME’s Trot for Hunger: My next race (should be your next race, too)

16 Oct

So excited to be running this race for the 4th time!  This year features a new course, starting at Freedom Plaza (I will miss Haines Point…but parking is always crazy there).  It’s fast and fun race for an amazing cause (   Two added bonuses: great kids 1-miler before the 5k and a chance to race against some interesting D.C. characters (last year I nearly beat former DHS Secretary Chertoff).   Hope to see you out there!

This is what I’m wearing: best running shoe ever!

16 Oct

The “barefoot running” movement is not my thing, but I’ve always really wanted to try a sneaker without the added bulk and structure of a traditional running shoe. 

Enter the Saucony Kinvara. 

This shoe is everything I’ve ever wanted.  It’s lightweight, super comfortable, and allows the runner to really “feel” the terrain without threat of injury from broken glass, road debris, etc.    I’m on my second pair…and have hooked my husband on them, too.  Check ’em out!

16 Oct

Mike and I at the finish line.  Love this feature of the Arlington 9-11 5k…free downloads of your race pictures on the event website!

16 Oct

Yeah, my kids run, too.