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20 Miler Done!

24 Sep

I logged my longest run of the season yesterday: 20 miles in just under 4 hours.   Juggling long runs with weekend activities for 3 kids has always been a challenge, and Sunday’s run was no exception.   My oldest was playing soccer several towns over, so I mapped out a course and set off from Arlington to Centerville.

I should have done a better job checking elevation and trail coverage.  Lee Highway in Virginia (actually part of the MCM course) can be incredibly hilly, and as I got into Fairfax I found that only some of the sections were sidewalked.   My iphone ran out of power (I was using it to track my run using Nikeplus while streaming Pandora and checking directions on the map), so by the time I pushed my way through the thick underbrush surrounding the soccer field, I must have looked like a frantic Sasquatch.

I also seriously misjudged the weather.  Although temperatures stayed around 70 degrees, the sun was bright and I ended up with a massive sunburn on one side of my face and neck (even with a healthy dose of sunscreen).

Next week is a “short” run of 14 miles before I do another 20+ miler.   Happy Running!


I’m Ba-aaack!

18 Sep

It’s been over a month since I last posted…where has the time gone?  If this weren’t a blog about running, I’d bore you with stories about getting my twins ready for kindergarten, finishing (finally) our kitchen remodel, working long hours prepping for the Presidential Conventions, etc.  The good news is, in spite of a very hectic schedule, training for the Marine Corps Marathon has continued and I’ve gotten some really fantastic runs logged.

First things first:  I finally got a chance to “jog” the Potomac Heritage Trail alongside the Potomac River, from the Theodore Roosevelt Island to Chain Bridge.   It’s a gorgeous trail “maintained” (I use this word loosely) by the National Park Service, but ENTIRELY unsuitable for running.  Although very scenic, the trail was rockier than we expected and not well marked (my running partner and I ended up losing our way about a mile from the Chain Bridge trail head, and had to push our way through thick underbrush).  My planned long training run turned out to be more like a strenuous hike, but it was definitely worthwhile.  If you go, be sure to take a partner and a cell phone.   The trail is not easily accessible, so even a tumble or turned ankle could be disastrous.

Potomac Heritage Trail

My husband and I also took time out of our marathon training schedule to participate in the Arlington County Police, Fire, and Sheriff’s 9-11 Memorial 5k.   We’ve volunteered and/or run this important local race each year since 2003, so it has a lot of special meaning for us both.  This year, as in years past, Pacers and the race organizers did not disappoint.  Despite the late start due to soggy/stormy conditions, we had a super run.  If you’re looking for results, click here.  Be sure to notice that I finished a full 30 seconds before my husband (who has been consistently outrunning me in our long jogs…I’ve finally redeemed myself!).

Arlington 9-11 Memorial 5k

That’s all for now!  I’ll post again after this weekend’s MCM training run: 20 MILES!  Happy Running!